- Detta Cutright

Ron was the person who made our vision become a reality! We are fortunate enough to have a beautiful view behind our pool and wanted to retain the view, but protect the area from unwanted critters! We could not find a company who produced a glass fencing system in our area and we stumbled upon Ron and Falcon Railings on line. Ron walked us through every step of the way creating a turn key solution for our local installer. Ron customized the railing system and the glass panels to ensure a gapless solution at the base of the fence to eliminate unwanted critters. Based on the specifications we shared with him, he had custom railings made as well as custom glass panels that are perfectly cut to create 6 even sections of glass across the back of our property. In addition to Ron’s expertise, he is a true joy to work with! Many, many thanks to Ron for making our dream a reality that we will enjoy for generations to come!

- Martin Grey

“ WE Are very happy!”

- Nawar R. Hajo

“Maaaaaaany thanks…Wonderful job… very impressive look…”

- Georage Beck

One of the best features of my deck is the glass rail that allows a perfect view while sitting with friends. Thank you for making it possible.